Margaret Lawton - Our Name

Where Did We Get Our Name?

I love the name Margaret, and there have been several important Margarets who've impacked my life in wonderful ways. My mother-in-law's name is Margaret. In her 80s she's beautiful, tough and gentle all at the same time. My mom's BF for many years was named Margaret. Margaret was a wealthy Southern bell, elegant and flambouyant, full of style and charisma. I adored her greatly! I have a dear friend named named Margaret, a delightful woman whose beauty is well regarded as is  her healing spirit. We followed different paths after college. Twenty years later I found an old personal phone ledger (remember those?) and realized we lived in the same zip code. We got together on the phone and renewed a rich, life-long friendship. She's beautiful and strong and radiates a wild sense of adventure! 

Lawton is my beautiful, twenty-something neice. For many years she was the closest thing I had to a daughter. She's in college now, with a full ride because she's brilliant. :) Lawton is exuberent and full of energy, with a sweet, tender heart.

All my Margarets and Lawton have deeply enriched my life. We hope you enjoy Margaret Lawton nightgowns even more with them in mind.