About Margaret Lawton Nightgowns

Thank you for your interest in Margaret Lawton Nightgowns. We can you find a nightgown or pajamas perfect for your special occasion or for every day. We are here especially for brides, daughters and mothers, to help capture the grace of yesterday’s styles and today’s technologically advanced fabrics (and some traditional favorties) to provide more glamour, comfort and fun to your life. 

We want every woman who wears a Margaret Lawton Nightgown to feel like a princess. Wear your grace.

If you are looking for a gift we can help you make the right choice. Our beautiful nightgowns come from around the world and sizing is different for each beautiful piece, so please check size charts. Our collections are organized to guide you to the right fit.

Our purpose at Margaret Lawton Nightgowns is to help you more fully experience your iinner beauty and strength. When we feel fulfilled it's easy to share joy. We invite you to browse our store, ask questions if you like, and experience a Margaret Lawton Nightgown for yourself and/or for someone special.

What About Our Name?

I love the name Margaret, and there have been several important Margarets who've impacked my life in wonderful ways. My mother-in-law's name is Margaret. In her 80s she's beautiful, tough and gentle all at the same time. My mom's BF for many years was named Margaret. Margaret was a wealthy Southern bell, elegant and flambouyant, full of style and charisma. I adored her greatly! I have a dear friend named named Margaret, a delightful woman whose beauty is well regarded as is  her healing spirit. We followed different paths after college. Twenty years later I found an old personal phone ledger (remember those?) and realized we lived in the same zip code. We got together on the phone and renewed a rich, life-long friendship. She's beautiful and strong and radiates a wild sense of adventure! 

Lawton is my beautiful, twenty-something neice. For many years she was the closest thing I had to a daughter. She's in college now, with a full ride because she's brilliant. :) Lawton is exuberent and full of energy, with a sweet, tender heart.

All my Margarets and Lawton have deeply enriched my life. We hope you enjoy Margaret Lawton nightgowns even more with them in mind.

Kind regards,

Lynda Baker

Managing Partner