About Margaret Lawton Nightgowns

Thank you for your interest in Margaret Lawton Nightgowns. A woman is the heart of the home and we want to help you honor that role. Our purpose at Margaret Lawton Nightgowns is to help you more fully experience your inner beauty and strength to more fully embrace life.

With Margaret Lawton Nightgowns, you can capture the glamour and grace of yesterday’s styles, with today's softer fabrics (no-scratchy/itchey!. Of course we have traditional favorties like cotton and silk. Margaret Lawton is here to add comfort, fun and delightful glamour to your every day. Our beautiful nightgowns are sewn with love by reputable supplieres using superior fabrics, laces, threads, buttons and sewing techniques, at various global locations including the US, China (the finest silk), and even Mexico.

We can you find a nightgown or pajamas perfect for both your special occasion or for everyday wear. If you are looking for a gift we can help you make the right choice. Capture the glamour and grace of yesterday’s styles, now married with technologically advanced fabrics, as well as traditional favorties, to add comfort, fun and delightful glamour to every day. 

We invite you to browse our store, ask questions if you like, and experience a Margaret Lawton Nightgown for yourself and/or for someone special. 

Kind regards,

Lynda Baker
Managing Partner